Croissants avec confiture avec logo

Sourdough Croissants & Pains au Chocolat

… or when your breakfast tastes heavenly buttery !

Croissants avec confiture avec logo

Inspired by the freshly-baked viennoiserie flavor at almost every street corner in France, I (finally) found the courage to home-make croissants.
Study recipes and fomula, prepare the liquid sourdough, mix ingredients, butter, roll, fold, chill, roll, fold, chill, shape, polish, bake, taste and say « wow » at the end… I adored every part of this unique experience. I consider it an important step for me as a young amateur baker and pastry enthusiast.

If I share it with you, it is because I want to underline the fact that being curious and passionate about something helps you overcome every possible obstacle you would’ve imagined.

Do not let yourself discouraged by the complex process of laminating a dough at home or the difficulty to provide your croissant optimal rising conditions. Dare and your efforts will be rewarded.

Croissants en sac avec logo

The very well described recipe , formula and techniques available on The Fresh Loaf  will convince you that there is no difficulty in homemaking a layered dough. Evocative photos illustrate the process step by step and valuable tips and tricks accompany you through it.

Believe me, the final result deserves all of your investment. This makes an exquisite and gourmet breakfast and an extra-reason to wake up with a big smile !

As it would be selfish to keep it for myself, this post goes to Susan and YeastSpotting, her delicious weekly showcase of yeasted baked goods.

Pains au chocolat au levain

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